O Lord, You've called to us, and Canaan we would win

O Lord, You've called to us, and Canaan we would win,
To be Your corporate man and dwell with You therein;
But how the darkness of this world does hold us in—
  O Lord, appear to us, we pray.
  O Lord, appear to us today;
We see this is the only way.
The idols to forsake
And Canaan land partake,
  O Lord, appear to us today.
O God of glory, shine; draw and we'll follow You.
Our strength and motive be, it's nothing we could do.
Your light attracts us, Lord, 'til all else fades from view—
  O Lord, do shine on us, we pray.
  O Lord, do shine on us today;
Till all our background fades away,
Till You alone we see,
Shining so gloriously—
  O Lord, do shine on us today.
In Your appearing, Lord, we have Your speaking clear;
Your word empowers us and drives away all fear.
So, Lord, keep calling us, Your voice we need to hear.
  O Lord, do speak to us, we pray.
  O Lord, do speak in us today;
You know the words You need to say.
To open all our heart,
Your very Self impart.
  O Lord, do speak in us today.
O Lord, it's not of us, we've seen it's all of You;
You are the calling One, Originator too!
We can receive this call by our beholding You—
  O God of glory, come, we pray.
  O God of glory, come today;
We've seen this is the only way
To answer Your dear call
That You might be our all—
  O God of glory, come today.
Lamar Davici

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Praise the Lord!


Lagos, Nigeria

Amen to Sis. Chang's prayers.


San Antonio, Texas, United States

Lively and beautiful.

Jubilee Jhrung (Chang)

Round Lake, IL, United States

Thank you for writing a song that is very experiential and applicable to our normal Christian living on this bewildered earthly journey. How precious that this God of glory is for us to experience individually and corporately. It is only His personal and vivid: appearing, drawing, strengthening, attracting, shining, speaking, empowering, calling, opening, imparting, keeping, and coming perpetually, relentlessly, regardless of our unending failures, shortcomings; our being in the valleys and dungeons, that we can aspire to be as the forefathers of faith "seeing" the Invisible One to ultimately enter, partake, experience and enjoy the good land, our all-inclusive Christ, the reality of this God-expressed One being—Hallelujah, not as theories, laws, traditions, forms, or religion, but our personal and corporate portion and reality!

O God of glory, today and day-by-day!

Efren Mazo

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hallelujah! I've been learning and enjoying this hymn, as a hymn of the week in Week 20 of Volume 4, HWMR on Crystallization-study of Genesis....Jehovah God, the originator, the God of the Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth, had been a compassionate friend to Abraham, appearing to him in human level again and again, in fact for the twelfth time, so He can infuse His glory to His friend Abraham! Lord, we all as seeds of Abraham, may You also continue to appear to us, again and again, until we all gain the Canaan land—it's today's our all-inclusive land—Christ—the real Isaac!

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