Tell me the old, old story

Tell me the old, old story,
  Of unseen things above,
Of Jesus and His glory,
  Of Jesus and His love;
Tell me the story simply,
  As to a little child,
For I am weak and weary,
  And helpless and defiled.
  Tell me the old, old story,
Tell me the old, old story,
Tell me the old, old story,
    Of Jesus and His love.
Tell me the story slowly,
  That I may take it in—
That wonderful redemption,
  God's remedy for sin;
Tell me the story often,
  For I forget so soon,
The "early dew" of morning
  Has passed away at noon.
Tell me the story softly,
  With earnest tones and grave;
Remember I'm the sinner
  Whom Jesus came to save;
Tell me the story always,
  If you would really be,
In any time of trouble,
  A comforter to me.
Tell me the same old story,
  When you have cause to fear
That this world's empty glory
  Is costing me too dear;
And when the Lord's bright glory
  Is dawning on my soul,
Tell me the old, old story:
  "Christ Jesus makes thee whole."
Muyiwa Lawrence Adedara

Kiel, Germany

This song keeps me thinking of those mansions beyond the blue. It is the story of Jesus. Hallelujah!

Peter H

Hillsborough, County Down, United Kingdom

Great, sang it this morning at church.


Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada

On Sunday, January 5, 2014 two hours before her passing. My dear mother said she wanted to pray and she requested a song which she repeated four times "Tell me the old, old story" with a laugh and smile on the 4th. She went to be with the Lord that afternoon 4:50 p.m.


Oklahoma, United States

I have fond memories of my grandma singing this as she did dishes looking out the window with a smile on her face.


love it.

Sarah Anne Rolofs

Ochtrup, Munsterland. Northrhein Westfalen, Germany

I love the old story, because we sang it in sunday school, I am now 69 yrs. old, and I was going down memory lane, and thought about the old story. Wonderful!

Egil Sjaastad

Oslo, Norge, Norway

That song was sung during my childhood - in Norwegian revival circles. It goes in me to the heart!