Precious, precious blood of Jesus

Precious, precious blood of Jesus,
  Shed on Calvary;
Shed for rebels, shed for sinners,
    Shed for thee.
  Precious, precious blood of Jesus
  Ever flowing free;
Oh, believe it; oh, receive it,
    'Tis for thee.
Precious, precious blood of Jesus,
  Let it make thee whole;
Let it flow in mighty cleansing,
    O'er thy soul.
Though thy sins are red like crimson,
  Deep in scarlet glow,
Jesus' precious blood shall wash thee,
    White as snow.
Precious blood that hath redeemed us!
  All the price is paid;
Perfect pardon now is offered,
    Peace is made.
Now the holiest with boldness
  We may enter in;
For the open fountain cleanseth
    From all sin.
Precious blood, by this we conquer
  In the fiercest fight,
Sin and Satan overcoming
    By its might.
Precious blood whose full redemption
  Makes us nigh to God;
Precious blood, our way of glory,
    Praise and laud.
Henrich Brockhaus

Bellingham, WA, United States

The precious blood of Jesus can never be overemphasized, because it was enough to cover all the sins of the world and it is still effective in blotting out the sins of every person who comes to Christ repentantly. The power of the blood keeps Satan in check and through it Christ wants us to be victorious in all spheres of life.

I do have some issue with the chorus. The blood is not "ever flowing free!" It only flowed once and Christ is not hanging on the cross any longer; the empty cross reminds us of a work completed. Christ Himself said "It is finished!" Ever since Christ's death we have free access to God our Father through the blood once shed. Praise God for the "PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS, SHED [past time] ON CALVARY."