Glory be to God the Father

Glory be to God the Father,
  And to Christ the Son,
Glory to the Holy Spirit—
    Ever One.
As we view the vast creation,
  Planned with wondrous skill,
So our hearts would move to worship,
    And be still.
But, our God, how great Thy yearning
  To have sons who love
In the Son e'en now to praise Thee,
    Love to prove!
'Twas Thy thought in revelation,
  To present to men
Secrets of Thine own affections,
    Theirs to win.
So in Christ, through His redemption
  (Vanquished evil powers!)
Thou hast brought, in new creation,
Glory be to God the Father,
  And to Christ the Son,
Glory to the Holy Spirit—
    Ever One.

Saskatchewan, Canada

As we view the vast creation - three levels of the universe (Phil. 2:10)

Phi 2:10 - That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

Phi 2:11 - And every tongue should openly confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Our confessing that Jesus is Lord results in the glory of God the Father.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Tulsa, OK, United States

Glory to the Triune God!








Ana Lara

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The writer of this hymn was JF Garland.

It was set to music by Ira David Sankey (1804-1908). Sankey was born in Endingburg Pennsylvania of Methodist parents. In 1856 they moved to Newcastle. He later became the superintendent of a large Sunday school where he began writing sacred songs. D. L. Moody heard him at a young men’s convention and asked Ira to join him In Chicago. They sailed to England on June 7, 1872. His special duty was The singing of sacred songs and solos.

His volume of sacred songs is compilation of various sources- mainly American- known as “ Sankey and Moody Songs”, although Sankey sang them all. The volume has been sold everywhere and translated into many languages.

Paul Ng

Hong Kong

Wonderful song!

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this song is a very yummy song:3


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As I saw #totaleclipse2017🌑 stanza two came to mind. Blessed be the Triune God!

Angus Johnson

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Good day all.

Can I use the lyrics in a hymn that I composed please?

Thank you.

Actually, the many sons are in the firstborn Son. In other words, the firstborn Son includes the many sons. It is a corporate Son that is praising and exulting God. This is a profound truth. But it has been written into a hymn and is explained in very simple words. I hope that you can all enter into these truths and can teach them to the new ones.

Hymn #1 (Hymns) is very simple and short but deep in its thought concerning God's purpose:


According to my knowledge, of all the hymns chosen by us to be included in our hymnal, apart from those written by us, no other hymn covers the New Testament economy of God in such a good way. The first and last verses cover the thought of the Triune God receiving glory. He receives glory because, first, He created the universe, and second, He will gain a group of sons. Verses 2 and 3 trace God's economy from creation to His sons, and verses 3 and 4 show how God unveils His love and affection to His many sons so that they may love Him with His love. Verse 5 shows that Christ in His redemption conquered all of His enemies in order to gain worshippers in the new creation. In summary, this hymn has the following main points: the old creation, God's desire to have a group of sons, His desire being according to His love, and Christ's redemption gaining worshippers in the new creation. What a wonderful hymn this is!