God made me a three-part man

God made me a three-part man—
Body, spirit, soul I am.
With my spirit is the way
To let God come in to stay.
  I have a spirit,
My human spirit.
I have a spirit—
Thank God, I'm made this way!

Children's songs are the best morning revival snacks!

We need more of them translated into German! (Not just for the kids)

Do it, Lord!


United States

It is so amazing. The tune is to "Jesus Loves Me"

I am so amazed that so many from many different parts of the world are loving these hymns. Praise God, the word is going to every nation!


Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Amen! How marvelous that God has created us with three parts. Praise the Lord for the human spirit and we are now mingled with His Divine Spirit. Hallelujah!


Parañaque, Philippines

Thank You Lord for Your grace and mercy! Thank You that You have created us with three parts. Thank You for revealing this in us.

Jane Otse

Lagos, Nigeria

Oh! Lord thank You I have a human spirit.


Huanuco, Peru

MY grangfather always sing me, i like because i have three parts.

i am three years old.


Praise the Lord! He made me a tree part man. I have a spirit to receive the Lord, to rejoice Him...