1. Remove my covering, Lord,
    That I may see Thy light,
    And be deceived no more,
    But all things see aright.
    • Oh, may Thy living light, Lord,
      Scatter all my night, Lord,
      And everything make bright, Lord,
        For this I pray to Thee.
  2. I hardly know myself;
    Deceived so much by pride,
    I often think I’m right
    And am self-satisfied.
  3. I know Thee even less;
    In doctrine, shallowly;
    True revelation lack
    Of Thy reality.
  4. As for Thy life within,
    In darkness I mistake—
    If spirit or the flesh,
    One for the other take.
  5. As for Thy way, O Lord,
    I often am not clear;
    I toward seclusion tend
    And from the pathway veer.
  6. As for Thy will for me,
    I do not know it well;
    I substitute my own
    And often would rebel.
  7. As for the church, I need
    Thy revelation more,
    The Body-life to know,
    Thy wisdom to explore.
  8. I long to be unveiled,
    In everything made clear,
    No more to be deceived
    Or to my pride adhere.