Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ

Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ!
Knowing Him’s the goal of my whole life.
Gaining Him supplies me, day by day,
He’s rich, He’s excellent in every way.
I’m fully captured by Him, my All in all,
He fills my heart with faith to love Him when I call.
Every day He grows more as faith in me
As I dwell one with Him organically.
As a stream of love, how His life flows in!
Motivating us to just love Him.
So we give ourselves; Lord, do grow in us
May we know You in Your preciousness.
O Lord, do make us one as we run toward You,
Pursuing corporately in everything we do
With the saints until full maturity
As Your loving counterpart eternally.
Ishshah Bless

Love it


Oh Lord Jesus

I love this Beautiful HYMN :D

Kharen Delos Reyes

Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Amen, hallelujah... I love You LORD JESUS.

Jin Paulo Masbate

Malabon, Manila, Philippines

Thank You Lord for capturing us!!! that we may enjoy Your Life!!!

Rem Calingacion Sajonia

Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Praise the Lord! Because He is to sweet, the goal of my life is to know Him. He is gaining us supplies and He grants all our prayers and He will answer it. O Lord, Jesus O Lord, Jesus O Lord, Jesus I will praise You Lord! Amen.

Gerson Noah T. Pasion

Solsona, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Praise the Lord! What a Christ we have, a sweet and loving Christ! Amen.

Denjelyn Bautista

Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Praise the Lord! oh how sweet it is to Him well, surely we will fall in love with Him....

Ernjay Kim

Iligan City, Philippines

"Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ!

Knowing Him’s the goal of my whole life."

The first two lines of this hymn is very meaningful. It shows us that the sweetest thing is just to know our Christ. It even says that knowing Him is the goal of our whole life. I think nothing is more precious than this!

Want to know why?

It's just because..."The more we know Him the more we will fall in love with Him." Our Christ, our lovely Beloved, just want us to love Him, be His faithful lovers, loving only Him. He wants nothing more than this. May we all redeem our time to give ourselves to love our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ by knowing Him in a very intimate, personal, detailed, thorough, and absolute way.


Cathy Diamante

Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Praise the Lord. I really appreciate this hymn: the melody,the lyrics and all...

Christ really is our all and in all. Oh how sweet it is to know our Christ in a living way. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

Emely Sugar

Iligan City, Philippines

It's really sweet to know our Christ! He is rich, sweet, lovely and excellent in every way. He as Love is motivating us to only love Him! Hallelujah!