1. I won’t say goodbye
    Or even think about all that I’ve left behind.
    This world is worthless in my mind;
    I’ve crossed the great divide;
    No looking back, there’s no way back to my old life.
    To Christ I come, to Christ I go.
    • I died to this world, but then He raised me, lifted to
      The heavenly
      And there I find His perfect peace; God and I live in
      River of life, flowing freely.
      Here I’ll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink from
      Now to Eternity.
  2. Raining day and night
    While water rise, I’m safe inside my Christ the ark.
    This world is buried ’neath the dark,
    I’ve stepped into the light.
    His word I see, I trace the rainbow through the sky.
    To Christ I come, to Christ I go.