1. To the work! to the work! we are servants of God,
    Let us follow the path that our Master has trod;
    With the might of His power our strength to renew,
    Let us do by His grace what He calls us to do.
    • Work for Him by His grace;
      Work thru Him for His praise;
      Work with Him all the days;
        And work in Him in many ways.
  2. To the work! to the work! let the hungry be fed;
    To the fountain of life let the thirsty be led;
    In the cross and its vict’ry our glory shall be,
    While we herald the tidings, “Salvation is free!”
  3. To the work! to the work! in the strength of the Lord,
    By the pow’r of His Name, with the light of His Word,
    All the slaves of the darkness of Satan set free
    And His riches of grace in His glory we’ll see.