1. Within my heart a praise o’erflowing
    ’Tis the gracious Lord, my song;
    There never was a song so excellent;
    Heaven’s joys to me belong.
    • In my heart there springs a melody,
      The sweetest melody, a song so heavenly,
      In my heart there springs a melody,
      There springs a melody of love.
  2. O wondrous love, the Lord has saved me,
    Granting me new life and joy;
    Amazing grace! He’s living now in me;
    Grace and love I now enjoy.
  3. O light of life, my Lord now leads me.
    Step by step this song I raise;
    O perfect peace, Christ now abides in me,
    Welling up in psalms of praise.
  4. O what release! I shall be raptured,
    Where the vict’ry song we’ll sing;
    O what an honor, reigning with the Lord;
    Angels’ celebrations ring.
  5. The Holy City, what a blessing!
    Living water flowing free,
    The tree of life with fruits abundant, sweet,
    Satisfy eternally.