1. I prostrate, Lord, before Thee,
      Marvel at boundless grace
    That I, though chief of sinners,
      Am saved, brought to Thy face.
    World-loving as a sinner,
      I never thought of Thee;
    Encompassing with mercy,
      Thou sought and came to me.
  2. Tangled and troubled daily
      By sins that filled my heart,
    I never sought Thy freedom,
      All seeking’s on Thy part.
    Though I did hear Thee calling,
      I never cared for Thee;
    I even fought Thy working,
      Became an enemy.
  3. For reasons I can’t fathom,
      Thou lovest one in sin;
    The price in blood brought pardon,
      Thy peace and rest came in.
    A sinner midst the sinful,
      In flesh I spent my days;
    Why lovest Thee this sinner
      With vile and crafty ways?
  4. Crude manger was Thy cradle,
      Of fastings didst partake;
    A painful path Thou takest
    And suffered for my sake.
    For me Thou didst consider?
      No bitterness forego?
    Thus I was spared such fury,
      And taste God’s blessings so?
  5. Midst men, then, am I better?
      More noble, then, was I
    That Thou should’st so be willing
      To suffer, bleed, and die?
    When I myself consider,
      There’s nothing to be praised;
    I wonder at such ransom,
      And by such love amazed.
  6. I find no cause nor reason
      That Thou, my God, should’st gain
    By loving this vile rebel;
      Such grace I can’t explain.
    No, not because I’m worthy
      Nor that I’ve merit high,
    But that Thou dost love sinners,
      That, that alone is why.
  7. Much was the grace imparted,
      Much may I earnest be,
    Both loving and obeying
      And not ashamed of Thee.
    More mercy show unto me,
      For still this heart is cold;
    Though mighty grace I’ve sighted,
      Still more I need to hold.
  8. Thy heav’nly throne Thou leavest,
      For me to Calv’ry trod,
    Yet I am still half-hearted,
      With apathy toward God.
    The world holds my allegiance,
      Thy path too narrow felt,
    My little self too precious,
      And yet I am indwelt.
  9. When I my case consider,
      My heart does feel some loss;
    Hating my nature rotten,
      My vicious living’s dross.
    Thou Lord, didst know already
      My heart would be like this.
    Since Thou foreknew my coolness,
      Why didst Thou impart grace?
  10. To bear with pain and mockings
      From heaven to depart?
    Accepting earth’s mistreatings
      To woo this hard, cold heart?
    E’en though Thou knew my nature,
      To shed dear blood for me?
    E’en though Thou knew I’m evil,
      To suffer painfully?
  11. Yes, Thou didst know my coolness,
      My fickle mood and heart;
    Yet Thou wouldst pay most dearly,
      Die for me, life impart.
    When I such love consider,
      I weep without restraint;
    My Savior is all-giving,
      My thanks compared is faint.
  12. O Lord, Thy love in vastness
      I cannot understand;
    Not seemly I would worship,
      Nor can I comprehend.
    Though glory’s joy I’ve tasted,
      My heart is much too small;
    I’ll sing Thy praises ever,
      Before Thy throne I’ll fall.
  13. While in that brightness glor’ous,
      I’ll never cease to praise,
    For grace and love that sought me,
      Worship through endless days.
    I long in Thy bright city
      My praise might be complete,
    Thy love and grace to fathom,
      My thanks to Thee replete.