Fear not, I am with thee

“Fear not, I am with thee“;
Blessed golden ray,
Like a star of glory,
Lighting up my way!
Through the clouds of midnight,
This bright promise shone,
“I will never leave thee,
Never will leave thee alone.”
  No, never alone,
  No, never alone;
He promised never to leave me,
  Never to leave me alone;
No, never alone,
  No, never alone;
He promised never to leave me,
    Never to leave me alone.
Roses fade around me,
Lilies bloom and die,
Earthly sunbeams vanish—
Radiant still the sky!
Jesus, Henna-flower,*
Blooming for His own,
Jesus, heaven’s sunshine,
Never will leave me alone.
Steps unseen before me,
Hidden dangers near;
Nearer still my Savior,
Whispering, “Be of cheer“;
Joys, like birds of springtime,
To my heart have flown,
Singing all so sweetly,
“He will not leave me alone.”
An Old World plant, prized for its fragrant yellow and white flowers. (Song of Sol. 1:14, A.S.V.)

Fourways, Auteng, South Africa

Praise God for this reminder that I am never alone.



This affirms the truths in John 14:18, and Hebrews 13:5-6 that in all our crisis of bereavement and loss the Lord promises to stand beside me and that I am never alone. What a comfort! He is 'Immanuel' and His Presence and love are all we need. He is and will be sufficient for us. Halleluia!

Shimona Francis

Kingston, Jamaica

This song is such a sweet reminder that despite how sometimes we feel like God has deserted us, we can still hold on to the beautiful promise He made to us. He promises never to leave us alone. So, we should take courage and lift our faith because He is right there. When the fight gets too much for us, He will step in and take it over. He has, not stored in yet because despite our doubts, He knows we have the strength we need to overcome.



Yes, fear not, I am with thee. How true the words are that make me stronger.


United States

How wonderful this song, it helps me going on this pilgrim. God bless everyone who listen to it.



Praised be His holy name forever. Amen.

Dawn Mcfarlane

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Wonderful soul-thrilling song that keeps the soul rocking to every beat especially in your trying times. "He whispers, be of good cheer". Good old time song "sound" encouraging words. God bless the writer that pened these words...


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

What a great hymn! May Jesus be with us always.


Kinshasa, Kasai-orientale, Democratic Republic Of Congo

I like this song. May God blesses us.


London, Ontario, Canada

NO! I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE THE LORD! He promised me He will never leave me and He will keep me safe and sound with Him for the the rest my life to be shared with Him; my Shield and rock and Saviour.