1. In the heart of Jesus
      There is love for you,
    Love most pure and tender,
      Love most deep and true;
    Why should you be lonely,
      Why for friendship sigh,
    When the heart of Jesus
      Has a full supply?
  2. In the mind of Jesus
      There is thought for you,
    Warm as summer sunshine,
      Sweet as morning dew;
    Why should you be fearful,
      Why take anxious thought,
    Since the mind of Jesus
      Cares for those He bought?
  3. In the field of Jesus
      There is work for you;
    Such as even angels
      Might rejoice to do;
    Why stand idly sighing
      For some life-work grand,
    While the field of Jesus
      Seeks your reaping hand?
  4. In the Church of Jesus
      There’s a place for you;
    Glorious, bright, and joyous,
      Right and peaceful too;
    Why then, like a wand’rer,
      Roam with weary pace,
    If the Church of Jesus
      Holds for you a place?