Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
  Sweetest Name on earth,
How can I, a sinner,
  Come to know its worth?
Oh! the sinful sorrow,
  Oh! the strangest shame,
That I saw no beauty
  In that sacred Name.
Never felt the sweetness!
  Never knew the grace,
Never saw the love-pain
  In that wounded face!
Never found the mystery
  In that simple word—
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
  Savior, Lover, Lord.
Now ’tis past and over.
  Gone my guilt and shame;
Jesus, Jesus did it,
  Glory to His Name!
Wonderful compassion,
  Reaching even me;
Bows my humbled spirit
  In captivity.
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
  Loved me in my shame.
Oh! the joy and rapture
  Of that sacred Name.

Glen Innes, Nsw, Australia

5 Now ’tis past and over.

Gone my guilt and shame;

Jesus, Jesus did it,

Glory to His Name!

O how awsome is our precious Jesus! One nanme that means so much! O I love my precious sweet and glorious Jesus! Praise His holy and glorious name! Blessings!

Boaz Leong

Manila, Philippines

"Wonderful compassion reaching EVEN ME; bows my humbled spirit in CAPTIVITY."

Boaz Leong

Manila, Philippines

"Never found the mystery in that simple word—Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Savior, Lover, Lord."