1. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
      Sweetest Name on earth,
    How can I, a sinner,
      Come to know its worth?
  2. Oh! the sinful sorrow,
      Oh! the strangest shame,
    That I saw no beauty
      In that sacred Name.
  3. Never felt the sweetness!
      Never knew the grace,
    Never saw the love-pain
      In that wounded face!
  4. Never found the mystery
      In that simple word—
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
      Savior, Lover, Lord.
  5. Now ’tis past and over.
      Gone my guilt and shame;
    Jesus, Jesus did it,
      Glory to His Name!
  6. Wonderful compassion,
      Reaching even me;
    Bows my humbled spirit
      In captivity.
  7. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
      Loved me in my shame.
    Oh! the joy and rapture
      Of that sacred Name.