1. O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord!
      Forgive me if I say,
    For very love, Thy sacred name
      A thousand times a day.
    • O Jesus, Lord, with me abide;
      I rest in Thee, whate’er betide;
      Thy gracious smile is my reward;
          I love, I love Thee, Lord!
  2. I love Thee so I know not how
      My transports to control;
    Thy love is like a burning fire
      Within my very soul.
  3. For Thou to me art all in all;
      My honor and my wealth;
    My heart’s desire, my body’s strength,
      My soul’s eternal health.
  4. Burn, burn, O love, within my heart,
      Burn fiercely night and day,
    Till all the dross of earthly loves
      Is burned, and burned away.
  5. O light in darkness, joy in grief,
      O heaven’s life on earth;
    Jesus, my love, my treasure, who
      Can tell what Thou art worth?
  6. What limit is there to this love?
      Thy flight, where wilt Thou stay?
    On, on! our Lord is sweeter far
      Today than yesterday.