1. Th’ anointing’s here! The Lord is moving now in us;
    The ointment dear to us has been applied.
    His blood prevails! It gives to us the fellowship,
    And now we have the living flow of life.
    • Sisters:
      Th’ anointing’s here! O Christian brothers,
      Th’ anointing’s here! We have believed.
      Within our spirit, the Spirit’s moving,
        And this from Him we have received.

      Th’ anointing’s here! O Christian sisters,
      The flow within will never cease.
      As He anoints us, we are abiding—
        O Hallelujah! Life and peace!
  2. Th’ anointing’s here! ’Tis God Himself that blends with us,
    And now the two are mingled into one.
    And hour by hour we live, and move, and have our life
    In God Himself—the Spirit through the Son.
  3. Th’ anointing’s here! It teaches us in everything;
    The sense of life we always have within.
    Obey this sense, and you will know what you must do,
    And live by Life—Yes, clear in everything.