I’ve wandered far away from God

I’ve wandered far away from God,
  Now I’m coming home;
The paths of sin too long I’ve trod,
  Lord, I’m coming home.
  Coming home, coming home,
  Nevermore to roam;
Open wide Thine arms of love;
    Lord, I’m coming home.
I’ve wasted many precious years,
  Now I’m coming home;
I now repent with bitter tears,
  Lord, I’m coming home.
I’m tired of sin and straying, Lord,
  Now I’m coming home;
I’ll trust Thy love, believe Thy word;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
My soul is sick, my heart is sore,
  Now I’m coming home;
My strength renew, my hope restore:
  Lord, I’m coming home.
My only hope, my only plea,
  Now I’m coming home;
That Jesus died, and died for me;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
I need His cleansing blood, I know,
  Now I’m coming home;
O wash me whiter than the snow;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
Hastings Fwelimbi

Windhoek, Wwlvis Bay

Indeed Jesus is the Lord our God, the creator of the universe and everything that happens to exist on earth and above, Glorious to His name forever and ever.

Mfaziwenkosi Tabita Kanye

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Yes ....I've wandered far away from home.....and now I am coming home....I need to be hugged by my Father God and feel His presence everyday of my life. Father, every sinful act I have done, fornicating, gossiping, preaching what I don't practice, enving, lying and many others...You have known my going out and my coming in, cleanse me by the blood of Jesus and sanctify me Daddy and make me pure and whole. Renew me and purify me oh God and make me worthy of Your kingdom. Wash me and make me as white as snow though my sins are as red as blood. Today I make a fresh start with You. Thank You for the Blood of Jesus. I ask all this in Jesus Name....Amen.


Nairobi, Kenya

I broke down in tears when we sang this song in church at a closure of a presentation from our preacher of the day, I've wandered far away from God, my family and the world has swallowed me, please God forgive me and take me back.

Justin Makori

Euless, Texas, United States

The joy of our Father for we have been found when we were lost. That God for Your grace.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Most beautiful hymn, so reassuring and so forgiving that our Lord is there for us whatever we do in our life - waiting with open arms to welcome us home. Bless me Lord for I have sinned.

Terri Jo

Muskegon, MI, United States

I love You Lord Jesus! I search for that perfect place to call home, where I feel at peace; But wherever You are is HOME. You're in my heart and I'm already home.

Thanks for the song.


Mcdonough, Ga, United States

What a joy to read these comments about our Lord, Who prepares us to crossover to eternal life. Everything else, including success and riches, is just a waste of time. Beautiful hymn focusing on "coming home."

Ayebare Clare

Kampala, Uganda

My soul has been sick, my heart was sore,

Now I'm coming home; Lord I glorify Your name.

Dr. Cynthia Crump

St. John's, Antigua And Barbuda

This song is most fitting for the end of my presentation to the congregation on Sunday 28th... distractions, problems and self-importance influence us to stray - let us consider death and the judgement and hurry home....


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

O Lord, I know I have sinned against You, against my family.

I strayed so far away from You. Now I know the error of my ways and I want to come back to You. Please forgive this unworthy sinner and hug me in Your arms and accept me back.